Features of Antibody Check®

Antibody Check®...

  • An electronic version of the antibody panels you already receive
  • Is LOVED by techs, who find it EASY to use - And it WORKS
  • Clearly shows which antibodies have been ruled out - With the click of a mouse
  • Quickly searches your archive for selected cells - With the click of a mouse

Antibody Check®...

  • Displays the printed panels you already receive in electronic format
  • Tailors electronic panels to YOUR facility
  • Counts the number of times an antibody has been ruled out

Antibody Check® also allows...

  • Printed copies of completed panels
  • Entry of graded reactions
  • Entry of phased results
  • Display of special type information

Antibody Check®...

  • Increases confidence and speed for Blood Bank technologists
  • Dramatically reduces the potential for human error
  • Is updated with each new lot, then distributed to Subscribers by email

And Antibody Check®...

  • Runs on any desktop or laptop PC
  • Comes with User Manual and suggested Validation Plan
  • Has received 510(k) clearance to market from the FDA

For more information about our software, please contact us.