Frequently Asked Questions About Antibody Check®

How does Antibody Check® work?
The program uses the same logic a technologist uses when ruling out antibodies manually. However, it works with the click of a mouse, it always remembers the rules, doesn't get tired, and doesn't become stressed by a ringing phone.
Does it tell me which antibody the patient has? Does the program show some kind of display that says "This patient has xyz antibody"?
No. The program shows clearly which antibodies have been ruled out and which haven't. This helps the technologist resolve the panel, but the technologist makes the final decision.
I can't use anything that hasn't been cleared by the FDA. What about your software?
Yes. We have received our 510(k) clearance to market from the FDA.
What type panels can be used with Antibody Check®?
We support Bio-Rad®, Medion®, Immucor®, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics®, and Quotient® Panels.
I have experienced techs. Why do I need the program?
The search function is a great time saver, even for experienced techs. You can do an initial search, save the desired cells, and change search criteria as needed.
I saw anther program once that did the analysis, but the technologist had to type in the donor data. What about your program?
We enter all data, and email you the updated electronic panel, ready to use.
Do I download the program or do I receive a disk?
We will send a disk and a software package. The package contains the Program Files, User Manual, suggested Validation Procedure, and Clinical Use Panels all tailored to your facility.  
Speaking of validation, do I have to re-validate with each update?
No. You validate the software when you first receive the program. Updates for each lot contain data only, and do not change the program, and thus do not need to be re-validated.
How do you know what panels I have?
You email us your lot numbers, and we email you the electronic version of your printed panel. This way your electronic archive will match the reagents in your laboratory.    
OK, an electronic archive. What about when I retire reagents? And how far back will the software search for selected cells?  
When you remove a panel from your refrigerator, you can delete it from your electronic archive as well. And, the software can search up to a full year of archive panels.  
Do I have to be connected to the internet to run the program?  
No. Email capability is needed to submit your lot numbers and receive your updates, but the program runs on your own computer.  
What do I do when I get the updated electronic panels?  
Copy the panels to the Clinical Use folder. Then they are ready for use.  
Does the software rule out heterozygous antigens?  
No. Antibodies are ruled out for homozygous positive antigens only. The software clearly shows which antibodies have been ruled out, leaving the decision on heterozygous antigens to the tech.

While the software does not rule out on heterozygous antigens, it does include an option to show counts of the number of heterozygous ruleouts.
Does the program save the results?  
No. The technologist can print a copy of the completed panel if desired. The printout will show the computer's date and time. This allows each facility to follow their procedures for filing the results, and the software is fully HIPPA compliant.  
But I want to be paperless. Can the software help with this?  
Yes. If desired the printed result can be scanned and saved, a "print screen" can be saved to a Word document or other file, or the panel can be "printed" to a PDF file.  
Will the software be licensed for a shared drive as well as a single computer?  
Yes. Some labs use it on a stand-alone computer, and some on a shared drive. The software will be licensed for all the computers at a single facility.  
In order to do business with the federal government you must be registered. Are you listed in the CCR?  
Yes. We are registered in the CCR.  
How much does Antibody Check® cost?  
The price is based on the number panels your lab receives, updated every 28 days.

If you receive a single panel updated every 28 days, the cost is $450 per year.

A second panel is an additional $300, total is $750 per year.

A third & fourth panel is an additional $100, so $850 per year.

Most labs will max out at $850 per year.

If you receive four or more panels, please contact us for a quote.

Here are some examples for pricing:

Ortho® screen cells, panel A, panel B, and panel C updated every 28 days - $450
Note: All these panels can be displayed as a single electronic panel for the cost of one.

Immucor® Panocell-16 updated every 28 days - $450

Immucor® Panocell-16 updated every 14 days - $750

Bio-Rad® screen cells and an 11 Plus panel updated every 28 days - $450

Medion® screen cells and an 11 cell Data-Cyte® Plus panel updated every 28 days - $450

Please contact us for a customized quote for your facility.