Antibody Check® Product Demonstration

  • Welcome to the

    Antibody Check

  • This demonstration will automatically advance. You may also use the buttons below to advance, go back, and pause the demonstration.

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    This demo is an Ortho® panel; Immucor®, Bio-Rad®, and Medion® will follow the same procedures.

  • To open Antibody Check®
    On the list of folders and files on your computer, double click on the current file.

  • See an electronic version of the panels you already receive.

  • Donor numbers on the left...
    Enter results on the right!

  • The panel begins with a gray background for the antigen data...

  • The panel begins with a gray background for the antigen data...

    ...until you enter results

  • Click to Enter Results

    - Once for "+"
    - Twice for "0"

    Antibodies ruled out will change to white.

  • Right click to enter graded reactions

  • Here are sample results in the Screen Cells and Panel A.
    Antibodies ruled out change to white.

    Click to enter Desired Antigens

  • Click Search...

  • ...shows the expiration date, manufacturer, panel type, and cell number of the selected cells

  • Right-click to transfer cells or "drag and drop"

  • To change search criteria, use the Clear
    button to remove the antigens.

  • Change search criteria and click Search again

  • Enter results on the selected cells
  • Antibodies are ruled out based on panel and selected cell results.
    Both Totals rows show the number of times an antibody is ruled out.

  • Repeat Search and Transfer as needed.
    Each transfer adds a blank line ready for the next selected cell.

  • Perform Patient antigen typing and Auto Control if needed.
    Result these on the Patient Cell/Auto Control line.
  • Show Special Type information if desired
  • Show Phases if desired
  • Right two Phase columns can be labeled as desired
  • Then click Reset Results and begin the next patient
  • Thank you for taking the time to view our demo.

    For more information about Antibody Check®, please contact us at