Antibody Check® Interactive Demos

Click here to launch the interactive demonstration.

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Antibody Check® software is the same for each manufacturer. Click on the expiration date above to start the panel.

An electronic version of the antigen panel opens on your screen.

Enter results by clicking in the Results column. Click one time, "+" is entered, and no antibodies are ruled out. Click twice, "0" is entered, and the ruled out antibodies instantly change from gray to white.

As more negative results are entered, more columns change to white, and the Totals row counts the number of times each antibody is ruled out.

Click a third time, the space goes back to blank, and the columns are returned to their previous condition.

Try entering sample results, and watch the panel change. You can clear everything with the "Reset Results" button at the top.

Also try a search for selected cells. Below the main panel are two search areas.

The lower area has two lines labeled "Desired Antigens".
Data is entered the same as above.
To find a cell "+" for "E", and "0" for "e", on a "Desired Antigen" line:
Click once under "E" and twice under "e".
Click the Search button on the right.
Antibody Check® searches the archive, and shows the most recent cells matching the criteria by month, day, manufacturer, type panel, and cell number.

Try some sample searches of your own. Enter as many "+" and "0" entries as you like on the "Desired Antigen" line, and the software shows you where matching cells are located. If the form remains blank, no cells in the archive match the criteria.

Transfer a selected cell from the Search Area to the Display Selected Cells area by right clicking the donor number, then left clicking the word "Transfer". A new line appears and is ready for the next transfer.

There are other features of Antibody Check® you can explore:

  • Right-click in the Results box to enter graded reactions of 1+, 2+, 3+, or 4+.
  • Display and hide Special Type information.
  • Display and hide Phase columns.
  • Enter your Name, Patient ID, and Conclusion in the boxes at the top of the panel.
  • All data in personal information is erased when you hit "Reset Results" - there are no concerns about personal data.

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